FC-D1.1 – Foilen Cloud – Dedicated

1. The hosting offer

  1. Access to dedicated Linux servers from the provider of your choice (e.g.: DigitalOcean, Amazon, Google, in your company, …)
  2. Allows you to run applications written in almost any language (e.g.: php, java, ruby, C ++, etc.)
  3. Website hosting
    • Free HTTPS Certificates with Let’s Encrypt[1]
  4. Email mailboxes and email forwarding
  5. Databases: MySQL (MariaDB) / PostgreSql / MongoDB (single instance)
    • Other databases available on request

[1] In order to obtain the free Let’s Encrypt certificates, your domain must point to Foilen’s DNS servers since this is the technique used to confirm the site owner.

2. Terms of use

  1. You must follow the terms of use of the dedicated service provider (e.g.: DigitalOcean, Amazon, Google, your internet provider if in your company, …).
  2. In the event of a problem with the servers, the maximum compensation Foilen can reimburse is the monthly amount paid by the customer to Foilen.
  3. All inquiries are answered on a first come, first-served basis, but no processing time is guaranteed.

These terms can be changed as needed. A notice will be sent by email to the person responsible for the account.

3. Price and payment

  1. All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD)
  2. The base monthly price is 5$ to manage up to 5 dedicated machines
  3. For any additional use, an additional 1$ per month is added per 5 machines.
    1. Example: if you have 13 machines managed, you will have the base price once and the additional use twice.
      1. Total price: 5$ + 2×1$ = 7$
      2. Manageable machines: 15 (5+2×5)
  4. Taxes are included (if applicable)
  5. The base monthly price is charged prepaid and additional usage is added at the end of the month.
  6. Invoices are sent on the first day of each month.
  7. The invoice is payable within 30 days of receipt. Then it will be considered late.
  8. The invoice can be paid:
    1. By check: to the address written on the invoice;
    2. By credit card or PayPal: via http://www.foilen.com/fr/paiement .
    3. By Interac transfer by email to admin@foilen.com .
  9. A monthly fee of 3% (36% annually) is added to overdue amounts.
    1. These fees are capitalized on the last day of each month.
    2. These fees are applicable from the date on which the customer is late in payment.
    3. These fees are applicable without notice.
  10. In the event of late payment, the provider may stop the service and charge the period used pro rata.