With the shared service, you have access to Linux servers to host your applications and websites as well as access to preinstalled web applications. No matter what mix you choose, the price takes into consideration the disk space used.


tricks-linux ubuntu feather-small  php tomcat wordpress-3 joomla-1-6

As long as you are in your quota, you can:

  • Access Linux servers for:
    • Have SSH access to install any application (ex: an IRC server, a Ventrilo server, …) or simply tweak on Linux
    • Have mailboxes and be able to redirect your emails from one address to another
    • Have websites in HTML, PHP, Java, Ruby, … (if your programming language is missing, I can add it)
    • Distribute your application / site on multiple servers (if your application / site supports distribution)
    • etc.
  • Access the following web services:
    • Matomo: A platform to visualize your visitors (a private Google Analytics)
    • More to come according to your suggestions

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