A la carte support

Foilen Cloud comes with a self-service web app, but if you need help using it or installing software, we can help and do it for you.

Basic principles

  • Foilen Infra: This is the suite of installed software that makes up the Foilen Cloud service. It includes the web application to manage the self-service machines and all the applications to apply the requested changes.
    • Any problem due to bugs in these tools will be fixed free of charge since the tools are part of the service you already pay for and are out of your control.
    • Any problem due to a bad configuration / use made by the user will be the responsibility of the user.
  • Applications: Any installed application is installed and configured by the user. As the applications are developed by third parties or the user himself, any assistance offered is the responsibility of the user.
    • Examples of applications: WordPress, Odoo, NextCloud, …

Problem with Foilen Infra software

Problems due to a bug in any of Foilen Infra’s software (including self-service interface and orchestration tools) are fixed free of charge since they are beyond your control and their support is included in the price of service.

This does not cover issues due to user misconfiguration since it is not a bug and the user can find and fix the problem on their own.

Starter Package

It is not always easy to start and create your first presence on the web. We therefore offer a turnkey service:

  • We purchase and configure a domain name of your choice for you.
  • We help you choose the software you should use according to the mission of your website.
  • We install and configuration the software you have chosen.

A single price: 40$ CAD + the price of the domain name

* Don’t forget the monthly hosting fee of $5 for 5G


Analyze the cause of a website problemCheck:
– for a configuration problem in Foilen Infra.
– for a routing problem: browser -> DNS -> Load balancer -> Application
Analyze the cause of an application problemIf one of your apps has a problem, if we have expertise with that app, we can help you find a problem you have and help you fix it:
– problem with your configuration
– problem with a plugin you added
– issue with a bug in your app (we can’t fix it, but we can create a report that you can send to the app developers)

All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD).

Application Installations

– Create the database
– Create the site
– Create a free HTTPS certificate
– Create a redirect from the site HTTP to HTTPS
– Install the software
– Install cron jobs (if applicable)
Your PHP, Java, NodeJS or Python applicationIf you have an application that you have created and want to run, we can help you configure it in Foilen Infra20$
Other applicationAsk us. We will tell you if we can do it for you and for how much.To see

All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD).


The shared service offers automatic daily backups of your sites, applications and databases.

Get a backupYou receive an archive file with all of your files.5$
Restore a backupWe erase the current data and replace it with the backup.20$

All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD).


Create and configure a dedicated serverIncluded:
– Create a server on the provider of your choice in your account (DigitalOcean, AWS, Google or Azure)
– Configure the server
– Add the server in Foilen Cloud
Manage your domain nameCreate a domain name with a registrar
Renew your domain name
10$ + the annual price requested by the registrar

All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD).

Contact Us

You can email me your request at support@foilen.com. For the latter, almost all fields are optional and are simply there to help quickly understand your needs.