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This website is for video training on all your computer needs.

Currently, there is not much subjects in the English section, but it should get better with time.

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Computer video tutorials

Foilen Cloud

Web and Linux application hosting starting at 5$ CAD per month

Consulting Service

For help with your small projects or for tailor-made training


HandBrake – Install on Windows

How to download and install it


HandBrake – Transcode a video

How to load a video, change its config and reencode it


Hadoop – Considerations for your Java libraries

What we need to know about the Hadoop libraries and the execution modes


Xubuntu 14.04 – Fresh Install

Install Xubuntu from the DVD on a clean computer


Xubuntu 14.10 – Install from Ubuntu

Install Xubuntu when you already have Ubuntu i00nstalled