When we go on the Internet, it is possible for the web server to know which machine connects to it (in this case our machine) since our ISP assigns us an IP address. Tor helps us to hide our IP across a network of computers and leaving the latter communicate with the web server you desire. It does two things:
  • Stay anonymous by hiding our true IP address
  • Communicate with web services blocked by an Internet service provider (eg, China blocks certain sites, but through a network out of China, it is possible to communicate with these servers)

Modified: 2014/06/20

Tor – How it is working

Presentation of the Tor network

Modified: 2014/06/20

Tor – Use the network easily

How to use the Tor Bundle

Modified: 2014/06/20

Tor – To be a relay node

A relay node transfers the requests of the other users

Modified: 2014/06/20

Tor – To be an exit node

Let any Tor user use your Internet